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Top 5 "To Do's Before the Astroid Hits in 2014"

1. fall in love and Get married
2. Compose a marriage pact to insure that i have a ring on my finger before the end
3. Sing on stage
4. go to japan and italy to ride their motor scooters
5. start my career

POST READ EDIT 10-15-03.
ya know, i think i found all those things in the movie, "lost in translation." wicked.
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Why do two of those involve marriage?
im 19. and bells are ringing in my head. i never would have thought myself to be in this "wanting to get married, clock's a tickin" mode. but its every girls dream.

p.q.r.s. only 2% of American women keep their last names after marriage. im so keeping mine.
I love number 2 ..... you make good list ..

Female body and minds are funny 'cause even when we don't want to we would like to go and be domitics .. well maybe spelled right ....
hmm I'll think of a list soon to
really i think its all stemming from the episodes of "darma & greg" that i've been watching.
that is a great show lol