top five things id like to do before the end of march

-dance to 80's music with my best friend
-sprinkler run since its getting sticky hot out
-share my undying love for the song "no one like you" by the scorpions
-learn to pole dance
-drive around eating donuts, blasting music and serenading people on the street

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Hi, I'm new to the community. I'll follow the lead of the previous poster and post my Top 5 movies of 2004.

1. Garden State
2. Sideways
3. A Very Long Engagement
4. Sideways
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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5 songs in my playlist
1. this years love - david gray
2. hush - ll cool j
3. since u been gone - kelly clarkson
4. i woke up in a car - something corporate
4. vindicated - dashboard confessional
5. Over and Over - Nelly ft/ Tim McGraw

my list for top 5 movies for year 2004
1. I Heart Huckabees
2. Closer
3. Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5. Garden State it's between 50 First Dates and Spanglish

Crochet and Knit

top things I have been making

1. Crochet Bunnys
2. Knit Scarfs (mainly colour changeing)
3. Crochet Scarp blanket for Phred
4. Crochet Slippers in gen.
5. Crochet Kitty Kat hats who need faces =/
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Okay, I'm new to this community. I'm taking the prompt given in the Information page, even though it hasn't been changed since April 30th, 2002.

Top 5 Things About Springtime

5. My birthday. I know that may seem like a pretty weak reason for spring's greatness (somewhat self-obsessed on my part, even) - but I do like my birthday, and getting gifts without having to do anything for them (sometimes - not if there are a lot of relatives who pinch cheeks involved). I don't like it as much as, say, Christmas - where there is a lot of love and happiness along with the gift receiving, but I still like it enough to put it on my list.
4. A rebirth of life. I guess this could be considered the same thing as my Number 3, but oh well.
3. An end to winter - unless, of course, you live in Boston, in which case you can expect a whole lot more snow and miserable weather.
2. Spring rains. I like rain in the spring much more than rain in other season, because the spring usually has a perfect temperature and atmosphere for the rain to fall. In the fall and winter, the rain is too cold - and in the summer, the rain contributes to humidity - which in effect contributes to 'swampass' (which is, if you are not familiar with it, a very terrible condition that ... well, you can figure it out), which contributes to my misery.
1. That much closer to summer.
(------ That much, to be exact.)

Okay, I think I will be posting in this a lot. I really should've done "The Top 5 Reasons why this community is going to become unhealthy for me".
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top 5 old men

1. dick button - i love him. he gets so caught up in the silliest things, like feet not being turned out. it's hilarious.
2. bin yao - he's the coolest chinese person ever. at the 1980 world championships, he got laughed at. but today, he coaches the strongest pairs team in the world, and also coaches #3 and #6.
3. fauja singh - this guy is 92 years old and just ran a marathon in less than 6 hours.
4. gene wilder - gene wilder is awesome.
5. michael york - i love michael york. cabaret is my favorite movie.