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thoughtful about other

1. someone who isn't afaird to rock out in the car while driving
2. Knows what I'm babbling about
3. Dislike peas , carrots and corn as much as I do (popcorn doesn't count)
4. Know when they have me complately and isn't stupid about it
5. Can sit there with me and watch the same movie over and over.

I was thinking about this today 'cause an older post by other user got me thinking about it today randomly .. and the rain was nice
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#3 made me laugh out loud, and now people are starring.
I hate peas ... so why would I want to get with someone who loves them ...
pea are mean and small and they suck ....... lolo
sorry that people were staring at you .... you sohuld of stick your tongue out at them.... staring isn't polite to do ... hi