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The top 5 irritating things about being a teacher:

1. Students that won't follow directions

2. Doing other teachers' jobs because they are incapable

3. Missing your planning period when you only get one a week

4. Getting your paycheck and not being able to afford the bills

5. Christmastime!

The top 5 great things about being a teacher:

1. Students who do their work

2. Teachers who give you support (even when you don't ask)

3. Getting hugs from kids

4. Watching students figure out their work (and be able to do it again the next day)

5. Christmas Break!
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I just finished my AA and am in school for my BA.. and I was thinking about sub teaching.. how do you get into that? I'm not studying education.

PS. happy christmas break.
all you have to do is contact your local school system and let them know you are interested... you don't need a degree to be a sub.