Iskra Nadezhda (motoandamphetam) wrote in top5,
Iskra Nadezhda

just joined this me

top 5 "top 5s"

1) top five bands
2) top five films by japanese directors later remade by american directors
3) top five songs to get dumped to
4) top five coolest film deaths (in films released after 1962)
5) top five historical figures (before 1940) you'd have sex with
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top 5 bands: nirvana,ramones,misfits,smashing pumkins,the doors
top 5 films by japanese: i have no idea
top 5 songs dumped : dashboard confessonial-screaming infdeities ryan adams-wish you where here maroon 5- this love hoobastank- the reason incubus-wish you were here
top 5 coolest film deaths: -kill bill -resivor dogs -donnie darco
-slc punk -the beliver
top 5 historical figures: i have no idea
I like your band chocies.

sp rocks
05 Candlebox - Far Behind

04 The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You

03 Alkaline Trio - Radio

02 Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise

01 Desaparecidos - The Man, The Wife, The Latter